Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't Hate. Participate.

I'm the first to tell someone how awesome they are when they share an achievement.
Why? That's just how I am.

I've had people frown when I said I was going to be a lawyer. They loved to tell me how hard it would be, how competitive, and my odds of passing the bar."Why thank you" says this lawyer. But no thank you. 

I sat next to a woman at a conference who shared with me how she was worried she wouldn't pass a nursing exam. Did I tell her about her odds? Hell no. I told her not to worry, that all she can do is her best and her best is surely enough ... it is just in my nature to be encouraging. But people love to spread doom and gloom... don't let yourself be permeated by that.  

What do you think I hear about the pursuit of an acting career? Psht, they too can step to the left, and get right out of my way. I'm not just dreaming, I'm doing! And this degree is mine to keep - the best back up plan everrrrr. 

Following ones bliss is not easy and we can use all the support we can get. So why doesn't everyone just dole it out and let that good karma pour all over them? I don't know. Maybe it's not in everyone's nature to show kindness, support or to be compassionate. It's not just a gender thing or a cultural thing... it's across the board. 

I don't understand why some people easily spread gossip, speak ill about the success of another, look to dig up dirt or to bash someone's dreams. Yet it is very hard for those same individuals to simply congratulate a person on their success, courage or creativity when they beat the odds or take risks.

What I say to those people is that the path someone leads is not a reflection of your own success, failure or unexplored potential. And no one is in a position to mock or judge dreams or goals. 

Instead look at your life and celebrate all you have gone through to be where you are. And if you are unhappy with where you are, my advice is this: Change. Leave. Move. Go. And take the first step to where you want to be. 

But don't rain on the parade of the dreamers and the do-ers out there. Join us instead.