Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Are What You Think

Stress manifests itself physically in my body. I know I'm not the only one this happens to. Some people, though, fail to see it. For me, it can be anything from a migraine, a stiff neck, or straight up nausea.

Sometimes I fail to see the connection. This isn't a good thing.

I try to balance myself out with meditation and exercise, but there are times when I allow my schedule to push that aside, and give the stress-inducing activities precedence. And then there are times when I full out forget to give myself the time that my body and mind needs to recuperate...and the whole practice what you preach crap hits the fan.

Well I'm sitting in the middle of one of those times. Where my beloved yoga, meditation, and strength building have taken a back seat. Sneaky stress and its' side kick self-doubt have been hanging around my place, kicking up a lot of dirt, and it's no wonder that I've been a total mess these days. It's also no wonder that I got food poisoning this past weekend - you know, the coveted long weekend in which we will "get so much done." Thus, forcing me to stop everything.

The good thing about these moments when we're hugging the porcelain god and writhing in pain is that you get to do some reflection. Like, "how did I get here," and, "this is not a coincidence." Nothing ever really is a coincidence, now is it?

My mind was off course, my body followed suit, and here I am blogging at the wee hours trying to piece it all together. And don't ya know, the first day of the 21 day meditation challenge simply talked me through that process - that process of remembering, "hey, its not just coffee-go-go-go." I've got to take my moments. I've got to quiet the noise in my head, and get back on track.

Falling into a pit of despair and spending a weekend on your bathroom floor is no way to live my friend. Take it from me. If what's going on in your mind is not jiving with you, and you're experiencing the small signs that your body is giving you to slow down...then heed the warning. Give yourself a break before the Universe puts the brakes on you.