Monday, February 13, 2012

LushLunes: All You Need Is Love

I had a talk with a few of my friends this week, and the topic of love came up, of course. The funny thing is, in the name of love we sometimes make allowances for another person, yet we fail to make those allowances for ourselves. 

What did I bake? A perfectly imperfect cake. Deelish!

What do I mean? Well let's say we break something - a dish, a phone, a piece of jewelry, etc... We can be hard on ourselves. But if someone broke something of their own, we are equipped to explain away the mistakes of those we love to make them feel better.

Why can't we be as loving to ourselves? Can't we speak to ourselves tenderly? Allow ourselves to be human? Be kind to ourselves as we are to others? 

We can. And that's your mission today, and this whole week: If you make a mistake [say you're running late, you don't execute a task perfectly, or there's a typo (God forbid!) on something you drafted] forgive yourself. 

Show yourself some love and compassion. Practice some loving self talk. Because love starts with you... that person in the mirror. 

Have a fabulous Lush Lunes full of L - O - V - E.