Tuesday, February 14, 2012

El Día de San Valentín: My Namesake & The Family Tradition

Since I was a little girl, my family had the tradition of giving Valentine's to eachother. The cards would always read, "Happy Valentine's Day to My Valentín!" (my last name). Since then I declared San Valentín my Saint name, and that was it.

 Then when my parent's split, my sister and I pumped up the Valentine's Day love by showering my mom with flowers, and little gestures, and she did the same with us. She was a single mom afterall, and we decided to be her eternal Valentín's.

I got to really reflect on those days as a child and what it meant to us, when I read a caption to a picture of flowers posted on instagram by @DontspkWhinese. She mentioned fostering the same tradition for single moms and I COMPLETELY concur. Be eachother's Valentine's! Why not?!

My mother and sister will always be my Valentine's, which is something that makes me smile. We did everything together and for eachother... three women alone, striving to conquer the world. The three powerpuff girls. Together forever. As my sister and I get older, and relationships get into the mix, we never forget our first Valentine: nuestra madre.

What's the point of Valentine's Day if we don't make it about the love we share? It's a wonderful thing to take an entire day to appreciate those that we love - whether that's romantic love, the love of a true friendship, or the love of family. 

I'm proud that I adopted San Valentín as my own a long time ago - it has been a constant reminder in my life that all we truly need is love.