Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tres Leches Cake (for the Baking Challenged)

Che has been talking about tres leches cake for over a week. He loves it, my mom loves it... but me? Eh, not so much.

After three failed attempts at trying to purchase tres leches, it was serendipitous that I stumbled across a recipe on the Tiki Tiki.

I'm not a baker, nor am I a chef, so this was an experiment. Well, I followed the recipe and made the most delicious tres leches cake EVERRR!

My tres leches cake, with cool whip on top & blueberries...mostly devoured.

I actually enjoyed it, not just because it was AMAZING, but because my picky Puerto Rican family (the baker Buttercup, and Chef's Bubbles & Che) were like fiends eating it all up.

Culinary artists may shun the quick & easy not-from-scratch directions, but this is not for them (though it tastes just as good as from scratch!). If you don't mind baking from a box & opening some cans - especially if you're kitchen challenged - this is a recipe I think you should try (and the results of which you will devour). Get the recipe HERE!

Thanks to Laura for the recipe and to Carrie! Please head over to the Tiki Tiki blog and show their kick-ass contributor Laura some love on her easy Tres Leches!