Monday, January 9, 2012

LushLunes: First, Love Yourself

New Years call for new beginnings, and what a fresh way to start than by kicking off your Monday with LushLunes

Today I want you to think about how you show yourself love - how is your inner self talk? How often do you allow yourself to be put first? Do you allow yourself to wind down and how often? These are some things to consider...and in a guilt-free way.

I think about this a lot when I vanish my negative thoughts or feel down. I correct any actions that may indicate I'm not embracing who I am, flaws and all. And then I implement ways to treat myself better. 

For example, every time I meditate or work out, I consider that one of the ways  that I show myself some love. Every time I look in the mirror and I start to criticize, I stop and remind myself that I am wonderful just the way I am. These are small ways, but sure ways to transform the way that you look at yourself and feel about yourself. 

So all of this is simply to say that your mission today is just to get the ball rolling on how you LOVE YOU. 

I found this broadcast from the Chopra Center to be really helpful, and if you want to let it play in the background for an hour while you clean or cook or type away on the computer, it may be a good first step, for however long you listen. 

"... truly loving ourselves for who we authentically are, both the light and the dark – is actually the surest way of cultivating and communicating the love within us with others." - from Healing Wisdom: Choose Love

Have a great LushLunes my deep thinkers!!!