Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Intentions into Action: 2012

Where have I been? It's 2012 and I haven't posted yet. But this is a good thing!

Like my fellow Latinas (and women in general) I tend to juggle too many projects, obligations and I take on too much responsibility for others. I've decided that this year I must prioritize my passions. And the business of acting is first.

That doesn't mean I'm abandoning my deep thinkers, my partner, family friends, or my volunteerism. Never! I am loyal, after all. It just means I'm not going to stress if I slow down occasionally. And neither should you!

I love my LushLunes missions and the catharsis that is HerDeepThoughts; I value my down time and my time bonding; I enjoy my work with Latism; and I love that I am a dream chaser and a doer.

As I sat on the subway, I really felt thankful that God has allowed me the luxury and courage to actively pursue my goals. I wish that for my deep thinkers as well.

So stay focused, take the time to slow down when you need to, and just remember that 2012 is going to ROCK!!! Just you wait and see.