Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Forget Skinny: Be Stronger

Nothing feels better than completing a kick-ass work out. 

I notice that when I don't work out for an extended period of time, my body and  my mental state really suffers. Why? Because I feel lethargic, my mind gets bogged down with thoughts, and caffeine just doesn't compare to endorphins. 

If you've been reading here a long time, you know yoga and the Nike Training Club are part of my routine ( I mix it up with running and swimming, but not during the winter months in NYC).

It's not about being skinny... no. I'm petite, but I'm curvy and I love my curves. My focus is on being stronger, leaner, and feeling good. In this respect the NTC app has been pretty amazing. 

It's not for those who are clueless about the importance of proper form or who carelessly flail-about while watching instructional videos. No. Way. But if you are somewhat informed in fitness, then you can use this app to your advantage - as your gym-to-go.  (And it is muscle-bound boyfriend-approved. Che shows the app respect, and that says a lot!)

It does take a while to get started. Why? You will be watching each portion of the work out routine to see how to properly perform it, practice it to see if you've got it right, and then finally work through the routine you've selected all while listening to the music on your itunes and the Nike chick saying "you can do it!."  

But once you've started the initial steps of going through a new routine and learning what "froggers" is, for example, then you will complete each routine during the time alotted. And you will SWEAT.  Like that really drippy man-sweat. It's not cute.

I truly feel like a rock star each time I finish a 30-45 minute session. After a week I felt stronger, and at the end of the month my body was tighter and leaner. Going back to a prior routine that once exhausted me was easy as pie.

My body has certainly changed and I love what I see. Having a work out I like and that I don't get bored with is a real find.

What's your go-to work out routine?