Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spreading Our Wings

All year long we've talked about our minds, our bodies and our emotions. These topics have encompassed swagger, meditation, exercise, rewarding our successes, intention setting (jet setting), mindfulness in our actions and those around us influencing our world. 

And it is likely we will discuss these subjects again as they are a part of our everyday existence and especially come into play while we set our resolutions into place.  

Ever since I was thirteen, I have made resolutions in the form of a vision boardAt the end of the year I look at it and congratulate myself on my accomplishments. 

I also take note of my intentions that are still unfolding and remind myself not to give up. I remember that sign on the subway, the words of encouragement from a stranger, and the little moments where the Universe sends me a rainbow.

Earlier this year I made a BIG decision (I know keep teasing you with this) for 2012 that in my heart I know is the right path, though it scares me. But fear of the unknown is good! It allows us to embrace change and to get out of our comfort zones. Because at some point we must allow ourselves to spread our wings.

As we gear up for 2012, I want to remind myself and you my deep thinkers that life is not linear and you can create what you want out of this world with your talents. 

When you allow your courage to outweigh your fear, you fly.