Thursday, December 8, 2011

Revamp Your UnderThings

When it comes to the ladies, we've talked a bit about jeans. I've preached about avoiding muffin tops and getting the right fit for your body type. But I left out an important piece of advice: what you wear underneath counts too!

Clothes that fit well bring out your confidence, and the same holds true for underwear. So what kind are you wearing?

Just hanging out with Candice

I'm a fan of seamless yet breathable underwear. You never want lines and bulges so you've got to wear what fits. Plus you want to feel like a W-O-M-A-N no old-lady pantaletas here (regardless of your age).

Personally, when making this type of purchase I go one size up so that the garment sits on me, instead of squeezing me. This way my underwear is a mystery and is not making a statement with my outfit. I shop at either Victorias Secret, Maidenform or Macy's. 

My most recent finds were at Victoria's Secret where I fell in love with two types of underwear that are incredibly comfortable and seamless,The Lacie Thong and Dream Angels Lace Boyshort.

They are both comfortable, there won't be any lines in your clothing,and they've got the right amount of cotton where it's needed...all while while remaining cute and sexy. 

Now that you've got some direction, remember that it's the season of giving: gift yourself some new undergarments! As you revamp your wardrobe, you revamp your swagger.


(footnote: Now here's where I get all grandma - even though my underwear is seamless, I always wear a slip when wearing dresses or skirts. It's the security that lines won't show. Nor will your alma.)