Friday, December 30, 2011

Meditation In Motion: Nurturing Your Body & Mind

You all know how much I love yoga (and the Nike Training App). These have been my go-to exercises without joining a gym over the past year. 

What I love most about yoga (and the killer body weight training app) is that during these times my mind is calm. I am focused on my breathing and there are no outside thoughts. The mantra becomes, "you can do it" and then I do this miraculous thing and accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Madness, I know!

Exercise (whether its yoga, running, or swimming,) is the quickest way to achieving positive self fulfilling prophecies, kicking up those endorphins, and feeling like a rock star. And you can do it all again the very next day!


Besides, it's good for you. Shocker! Not just for your body, but for your mind. What we learn during exercise - attention to form, focus, and our breath - can be applied to everything we do. 

I have to remind myself that this meditation in motion is applicable to my daily life routine. Walking to the train, driving to my next destination, grocery shopping, work, it all can be filled with positive focused thoughts. 

I apply this to my acting (being in the moment) but sometimes with the madness of ending a New Year, my mind is racing, a headache ensues, I grab cup after cup of coffee, and I forget to be nice to me.

It's time to remember to calm our internal dialogue and to give our body (and our mind) the nourishment it deserves.