Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Your Own Brand of Romance

I love the dinners, the courting, the dancing... but what I really love is the stuff that no one knows about, no one sees, the true goofy intimacy that two people in love share.

He sings to me. He sometimes sings made up lyrics, and I just adore it. He sings, then I sing and we croon like two tone-deaf love birds. My ears are full of love, and from his lips there is no sweeter melody.

Encourage the romance my friends.

Dancing. We're both good dancers but we're not doing that at night clubs anymore. My favorite dances are right in my living room. Are you picturing flowers and candles and flowing gowns?Well that aint it! He'll spontaneously have his ipod touch in hand, reach out to me, and I'll giggle as we fly around the room like two fools together. Two fools in love. Enjoying the little moments.

Dance like no one is watching my dears.

He cares for me. He'll rub my feet, make me soup, and even do my laundry. There's nothing like the moment when your partner goes out of his way to take care of you just when you need it, without even being asked. It's cupid's arrow on another level altogether. 

Be present for those you love, my darlings.

I'm a sucker for the traditional definition of romance but honestly, this is the good stuff. This is the stuff that swells your heart. This is the stuff I'm grateful for. 

And maybe this isn't the stuff we talk about. This isn't the stuff that makes the movies, the romance novels, or the Hallmark cards. But it's the stuff that love is made of. And I pray that you get a taste of that stuff, my deep thinkers, your own special brand of L-O-V-E.