Friday, November 4, 2011

A Small Voice

You've got to listen to that small voice inside of you. It's an instinct, a guide, a greater power, or your higher self. Whatever you believe it to be, it's there for a reason - your survival. And in allowing you to survive it guides you away from harm and to things that will serve you best. 

You'll notice it especially in times of great stress and worry. When you've worked yourself into a tizzy there might be something that says "breathe" or "stop" or just very plain and to the point: "don't worry."

Here's a good example. As I ran to my next meeting today I was literally running up the stairs accompanied by this very bossy chick called internal turmoil (all in my mind). Amidst her very loud yip yapping, whining, huffing and puffing, there entered a very calm, cool, collected, serene yet strong woman (my own voice coming from my heart) saying, "stop running."

As I stopped running, I exhaled and I responded out loud: "ok. ok." 
I ran because of my worry, my stress, my hatred of being anywhere late and the self-beating I was giving myself for that. Once I listened to my strong inner voice emanating from my heart, I got to where I needed to be in time. Everything worked out fine. 

These aren't different personalities in my mind, though that might make a very interesting story, it's just the parts of us the worry versus the parts of us that say, "basta! calm the hell down!"
There are not bells and whistles that accompany the powerful still small voice. It just IS. And it comes from your heart. It's a feeling. It's actual words. It's what we need it to be when we need it. And if we listen, it can take a day full of inner turmoil into one where it's ok to smile.