Monday, November 7, 2011

LushLunes: Think Happy Thoughts

Today's Lush Lunes mission is about our inner dialogue.

It's so easy to beat ourselves up or to work ourselves into a frenzy. Whether its because we're not on time, we're not getting enough done, maybe just not eating right, whatever, sometimes we have no problem being really hard on ourselves.

But we deserve better than that. We should stop for a second to think about how much we've overcome and how much we've accomplished. You know that if it were anyone else we would have no problem congratulating them.

Throughout our lives, no matter our circumstances, we have overcome obstacles. Shouldn't we treat ourselves the way we treat others?

Today your mission is a big one: I want you to congratulate yourself. Take a moment to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Today is all about showing yourself some love and affirming just how amazing you are.

Have an amazing LushLunes my deep thinkers and don't forget that YOU Rock!!!

On a side note.... if you're one of the deep thinkers participating in LushLunes (or thinking of participating like the fabulous Jai from Mamis Time Out ) link up so we can hop on over to hear your progress or to participate in your own creative LushLunes missions. 

Any way to make Mondays suck less is a good way.