Monday, November 21, 2011

LushLunes: Gifting Your Talents

It's LushLunes once again my dears! I know you're excited for today's mission.

Part of my ritual as an actress has been to gift myself. When I give a kick-ass audition, my Coach has taught me to treat my talent, which essentially means I should throw some positive reinforcement my way. 

So I do! It's so easy to give positive reinforcement to others when you see that they need it. It's easy to motivate other people when it's in your heart to do so. But what about us?

We have to make sure that we are our priority and show ourselves some L-O-V-E. 

Which leads me to your mission...

Treat yourself! Think of ONE accomplishment (everyday feats like getting up on time, finishing a project, or starting your first LushLunes) and reward yourself: do one fun thing today that you don't normally allow yourself to do (a new purchase, some hot cocoa, a movie night on a Monday, whatever!)

Treat your talent my dears, because you deserve it. In this season of Thanks, it's time to show yourself some gratefulness.

Please share your deep thoughts on what positive reinforcement your throw your way and have a Lush Lunes!