Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doubt Is Not Your Friend

As we begin to spread our wings, there will be obstacles that hold us down.

These obstacles will be in the form of Doubt, a sneaky wench that may just disguise herself in the form of loving people in our lives: time suckers, fear peddlers, or color-in-between-the-liners (to name a few).

Time suckers. They consume our time with endless needs (that they could otherwise manage on their own) and we allow it. We give them as much juice as they need instead of quenching our own thirst. And it's not their fault. It's our own fault for not valuing our own time enough to put ourselves first.

Fear peddlers. They will come up with a plethora of reasons why you shouldn't. Sometimes that's out of concern for you, but other times it's out of their worry of how your choice will inconvenience them. So we stand carefully on the pegs of their bicycles trying to ease their discomfort, instead of jumping off and walking alongside them.

The color-in-between-the-liners. They have their ideas of how life should be, and when we color all over the place, we disrupt their comfort zone. We may diligently try to stay in between the lines of the world they created, instead of using our wildly broad strokes.

As well meaning as they may be, we cannot allow the time suckers, fear peddlers, or color-in-between-the-liners to sway us. If we believe in ourselves and have faith in our choices, we will not allow Doubt to reign.

The Universe did not put this passion in our hearts so that we would end up chained to Doubt. It was placed in our hearts so that we would fly.