Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Be Still My Heart: It's National Cappuccino Day (#latteclub)

My grandparents gave me a taste for cafe a very long time ago and I've been a coffee lover ever since. Every time I pass by my Krups espresso maker I remember the day I went to Macy's to buy it on sale. I gave up the colador (they way mamita still makes it) for an easier way to make my awesome coffee.

My cafe con leche is what I drink daily. When I want an extra special treat I head to Tiramisu's in Queens and have the dessert that is it's namesake along with a delicious capp.

One of my favorite spots in New York for cappuccino (and dessert) is Max Brenner's.  But what I really love is making them at home for my friends and family, with just the right amount of foam and cinnamon (and sometimes a drop of vanilla extract).

No matter where you are, I'm sure you know where there is a delicious cup of cappuccino, even if it's just in your kitchen. And if you are as much of a coffee lover as I am, today is just another excuse to indulge my dears, and maybe have a chocolate treat to go along with it.