Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Peaceful Warrior

Ofelia is one of my favorite blogueras to catch up with because of her amazingly fun vibe and energy. She’s so down to earth and sweet, I just want to hug her. And so I usually do. LOL

But recently she, Patty and I were talking sports (I just cracked myself up with that) and I said, "I love to see hockey live because I like the action." Yes, ladies and gents, although I’m not much of a sports fan (I watch it all because Che is a sports fanatic) I do enjoy the brawls, the flying pucks, the saves, and the excitement when helmets collide. It’s all very chest thumping and GRRrrr. 

Anyway, Ofelia was shocked and said something like, “my peaceful Li likes the fights? Li who is always so positive and nice?” Awe, she's so wonderful. What I took from that statement is that she described me as peaceful, positive and nice. I smiled inside and said to myself, "yes, yes I am those things."

You see for a long time I actually walked around with a lot of anger and negativity. Shocker?

You’d ask “how are ya?” and I’d be all Eeyore, with a “no one loves me. No one cares,” attitude (this was mostly because law school was a heinous experience for me).

However, I’d met someone during that time in my life who always had something positive to say when I asked how he was doing. He was all, "things are really great..." while my responses were always Eeyore-esque. And at one point I actually heard myself. 

After that I knew I needed to change. I made a conscious decision to see the positive and decided to lead with that. From the positivity came the peacefulness that allowed me to express myself completely.

That doesn’t mean I’m not sarcastic as hell, or that I don’t enjoy some good archaic cave-man action. But those attributes aren't colors I show all the time. When people see me, they see the good. And that's something I'm proud of.