Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lesson

I am of the firm belief that if I don't learn the lesson the first time, a similar theme will keep reoccurring in my life until I open my eyes and learn the lesson.

Well, it's time I do my homework and learn the lesson.

I sat with Sorayu over the weekend and griped a little about how a person from my past showed up at an event for an organization I've supported for many years now (and how that person tried to contact me, before and after the event).

During that conversation I asked Sorayu, "what is the lesson? Why do I have to keep dealing with people I'd rather not be around?"

And she essentially said it's preparing me for my future; how not to let people get under my skin, because although I cannot control the fact that they want my attention or a reaction, I can control my response.

I can own my space, my reason for being at an event or occasion, and execute my purpose, regardless of whether there is a person present that I would rather not interact with.

The trouble comes when I feel that my boundaries are being invaded - that's when it gets a little icky to manage. In the situation I mentioned above, I was thankfully saved by the bell because it was time for me to go, but I know this will probably happen again. And the thing is, I've dealt with similar situations in the past. Heck, in court I deal with that a lot; if I need to interact with an undesireable, I am polite and keep on moving.

I can certainly apply that to individuals that I'd rather not be around but who happen to be at the places I frequent.

If I can just change my perspective, and not look at it as though the villagers are torching my boundaries, then I know I can handle situations like these, so that I am better prepared in the future.

As the theme keeps replaying I realize that what Sorayu said must be true. There's a bigger purpose. It must be to prepare me for what is to come...where I must develop a thick skin for what people may say about me or how they interact with me.

The more I am in the public eye, the more open I will be to both compliments and criticism, and the more I will be around people I admire as well as those that I could live without.

I will have to deal with those people, much like I deal with any other situation: Hold my own, be professional and polite but keep it moving.

Ok Universe, I've done my homework. Lesson learned.

Tell me, how do you handle having to be around people you'd rather steer clear from?