Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fitness, Bonding & Styling: A Lady Thing

Lady Foot Locker and Glam Media invited me along with a bunch of awesome-sauce bloggers to take a Core Fusion class at the Exhale Spa, added lunch at the Blue Room of the Gansevoort Hotel, and just for fun threw in a complimentary workout outfit. Um, do they speak my language or what?!  

Love this sign, up at the Blue Room

I'm posing with Rebecca of Lady Foot Locker!
I got there and met a bunch of bloggers who were dressed just like me! My outfit had just the right amount of color to expand my fashion palate while not veering too far from my comfort zone.

the outfit!
My gear was not only comfortable but it was cute enough to wear home! I'm very picky about work out gear but I have no complaints. The pants fit well, because the capris were seamless (no chichos); the t-shirt came down past my waist to the top of my thigh (no alma revealed); and my sports bra was comfortable. At the end of the day the pull over jacket was warm enough for my train ride home! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

While I was decked out in my new gear I entered Exhale spa where I got the work out of my LIFE. - I am literally still in pain two days later.  Luckily we got a free massage afterward, which had me totally zen in time for lunch.
At the most delicious lunch everrr in the Blue Room I got to really take a look at what Lady Foot Locker has to offer, and we connected. We talked blogging. We talked fashion. We talked sneakers. And they really listened. 

I will admit, I have never really felt a connection to sneakers except for when I would buy them out of need. 

Che, on the other hand, loves sneakers. He buys a new pair several times a year! Sneakers aren't something I usually shop for unless I absolutely must get a new pair. But now I get it. I get Che's passion for kicks. The kicks they hooked me up with are cute and have me feeling like I am walking on clouds!

my new pair! asics (gel nerve33).
If you can find a cute pair that you can wear just to hang out, but that also support your feet for when you go for a run,  why wouldn't you want to have more variety? That's what I've been missing. I didn't realize sneakers could be fun!

a peek at the new Nike's

And now I'm not limited to men-centric stores for the places I shop. I feel like there's a single store for me, instead of just looking at all the awesome guy stuff that Che gets to pick out while I stand around kicking rocks. I was aware that Lady Foot Locker existed, but now I feel connected

They carefully select, care about the quality and are aware of what the fashionista in all of us is going to want. From clothes to kicks, Lady Foot Locker has what I need at the gym and when I venture out to go shopping for my next new thing. 

A special thanks to Lady Foot Locker and Glam Media for this amazing day! It's awesome when a company takes interest in the consumers, really talks to us, and makes us feel that our opinions and experience are important. So thank you! 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Compensation was provided by Lady Foot Locker via Glam Media. All opinions expressed herein are my own, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Lady Foot Locker.