Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dilly-Dallying & Disconnected

I took a bit of a break this weekend from blogging and from social media. I posted a few times on foursquare and on instagram but that's it (I can't just go cold-turkey!)

Besides, it was Bubbles' birthday (that's my mom) and Buttercup and I really wanted to make her feel special (yea, I would be Blossom; hello, we're the power puff girls).

We spent a lot of time bonding, eating, and laughing our butts off! It was a FAB weekend. I'm so thankful for times like these.

Especially since my schedule is incredibly full! But it's packed with lots of exciting stuff...

Can't wait to tell my deep thinkers all about it! In the meantime please keep me posted on YOU!

Feel free to share some links today to your recent posts. I'd love to catch up with my blog hopping (I've been slacking ... Sorry my dears).