Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three Years Blogging and a Coach Giveaway Winner

My deep thinkers have been on this journey with me for three years. Three truly amazing years. You inspire me to paint the colors of my life on this platform as I continue to share each moment. 

Writing is at the core of who I am and to be able to hone that talent is a pleasure. Being able to share it with all of you is a privilege. 

You may remember that I launched a giveaway for a Coach Laptop Sleeve in honor of my blogoversary.  Of a total of 91 people who followed the rules with their comments (yes, I DO check if you follow the rules) #13 was the winner chosen on random.org. Who is #13?
Can you hear the drum roll?

Congratulations to Laura of Dual Coast Bride, a new deep thinker!!! I hope you enjoy the laptop sleeve!!!

Although there could only be one winner, I am honored that so many of you stopped by HerDeepThoughts, got a glimpse into my lifestyle blog, and rolled the dice at a chance to win an item I personally hand picked for my deep thinkers.

Cheers to more deep thinking and continuing on this journey