Friday, September 23, 2011

Put Your Work Boots On

Let's set the record straight. I don't live with rose colored glasses on.  I choose to be positive. Because given the choice, wouldn't you want to feel positivity?

Do you want to hear me bitch and complain every day? Nope. No one wants to read a lot of "I'm a victim of blah blah blah" type of talk. 

If I have a sad moment, I'll tell you about it, but it always has to end on a positive note. Why? Because I seek to 1) let you into my life while 2) motivating and uplifting myself and YOU.

my fuel. not my drive.

No one wants to be around negative people. No one wants to read a negative blog. But that doesn't mean life is roses in my neck of the woods. I struggle. I cry. I get sad. That's life. The more we want something, the more value it attains, the deeper we feel about it, and the pursuit of it. despite the struggles, the hurt, and the obstacles, I keep moving forward.

Success is defined by a series of small choices. And all these little choices, build on each other to set you on the path to achieve that goal, whatever it might be.

My dharma in this world is to give you that little nudge telling you its o.k. to make those choices. Making those little choices requires we hustle our way into what we want. 

Getting what you want is a grind. It's work, dedication, and motivation so that even if you fall flat on your face, you will pick yourself up by the boot straps and kick your own butt forward to keep MOVING.

Because there is no sitting on ones ass over here. That's a dead end road. And you can't respect yourself in the morning if you take life lying down.

We're not just making wishes on stars here. We are calculating the distance to the star we wished on, and designing multiple ways to reach that star. And when we have another wish, we do the same thing all over again. 

We spend our life pushing forward to "MAKE IT" and we enjoy the hustle because time files while we're doing it! And if that's the case, well, we are living in the experiences of those every day little choices. And that alone is success.

At the end of the day if we gave it a good shot, and one dream doesn't pan out, well, we know that another surely will, because it's all about fulfilling your dharma in this life. And using your gifts and talents to serve humanity is truly a life well lived. Keep pushing, keep doing, keep dreaming...keep designing astronomical plans to reach the stars.

So if you wonder why I'm always cheering "you can do it! you can make it!" it's because I'm working my toosh off out there with you in this dream chasing business. My way of self medicating is by putting out positive energy into the universe. 

But there are no rose colored glasses in the trenches. We've got our work boots on baby. And since you're with me on the journey, well, we are comrades. And I salute you.