Friday, September 2, 2011

Nike Training Club: The Make Yourself App

You may recall that I resolved to make fitness and meditation a part of my life this year. I'm proud to say that I got the meditation part down - it's become a daily practice. Woohoo!!!

Although I practice yoga* weekly, but I haven't incorporated other forms of exercise (what happened to my swimming? My running? My Jillian Michaels? My calisthenics**? My Burpees**? smh). It's been an on and off enterprise to say the least, and I've had enough of that. 

I wake up every morning and my body calls to meditate. But when I pull the yoga mat out, I'm totally slacking and not living up to my potential. All that has got to change. 

I need More yoga. I need more exercise. Just MORE so that my body feels nourished. Lately, when my body tells me it wants to RUN, instead I respond with, "well, I could run and get a cookie" like heading to Starbucks is gonna help (they have good chocolate chip cookies by the way).

So as I flopped on the couch earlier this week looking for pictures from Lucky magazine to put on my vision board, I stumbled across a promotion on the Nike Training Club.


 I really looked at the Make Yourself Sweepstakes and thought, "maybe I should get that app..." hmmm.

The app (and the contest) sounded really interesting, so I downloaded it. Since my fitness goal is to get in better shape over all... and Patty is always raving about the usefulness of different fitness apps... and I was totally enticed by Ty and Amber ....I'm gonna try it out!

I downloaded the app on Wednesday and today will be my first day to give it a whirl. I cannot wait to see what they have in terms of Yoga! It's about time I kick my practice up a notch.  

I nurture my mind and my soul consistently. It's about time I do the same with my body. 

Are you changing up your fitness routine? Do tell!

*My yoga routine has gone from challenging my body to just calming my mind and spirit and stretching in various poses. I am sucking at my practice right now. 

**I have two home fitness routines that Che taught me. A calisthenics workout - full of lunges, and core exercises as well as jumping jacks, etc.; and burpees - a full body exercise that basically looks like a squat, push up, jumping routine (strength training and and aerobic exercise).


I am a member of Bliss Connect but I am not affiliated with the promotion and this post does not count as an entry. I filled out the poll on what my fitness goal was, and THAT served as my entry for the sweepstakes. I'm just sharing it with my deep thinkers to make me accountable so that I actually DO it. Besides, it's not about the swag... it's about the journey.