Monday, September 5, 2011

A Life Lived (Like There Was No Tomorrow)

Since I've been meditating daily I've been in a very reflective place. I wrote this on the train home one day, as I was in reflection mode. It may seem a little dark, but I hope you enjoy it.


I know that if there were no tomorrow, I lived this life my way. I lived it chasing my dreams, against the grain and laughing all the way.

There’s so much more laughter to be had and chasing to do...

I have lived a life full of love - given and received. I have lived a life that was blessed and that allowed me to impact the life others and leave my mark on
this world.
There are so many more lives to touch and marks to leave...

I have lived my life as a friend, a daughter, a fighter, a lover, a sister, a leader, a listener, an artist, a storyteller and an impromptu parent, and an explorer. I have lived a life of service and of faith.
I've got so many more hats to try and roles to fill...

I've lived each moment like it could all be gone tomorrow and I am grateful to have opened my eyes wide enough to make the mistakes I made and confront the obstacles I faced to make me into this person - to fit this giant soul into this little body.

And though I ain't done living, if it’s all gone tomorrow without so much as a whisper, I know that I lived this life as loud as I could, skipping and smiling... all the while reaching for the stars.
May you live today like there is no tomorrow.


Have a Lush Lunes my deep thinkers and Enjoy a stress-free Labor day!