Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dream Chasing Business

A while ago I told you about the lovely messages sent to me from what I call The Universe (GOD, the collective consciousness, angels, & all that good stuff that suits your individual beliefs).

Well as you know I shot a commercial and had a LOT of fun. The biggest challenge was having the courage to do the commercial in English AND Spanish! (I keep getting asked to put it up, but I've decided it's just gonna be part of my reel)

When I finally did a vlog in Spanish (my first), immediately after that, boom, I booked the commercial. I feel very blessed when I get work as an actress (no matter how hard it is to balance a full time job, my other full time job - blogging - family responsibility, romance, exercise and meditation, time to see friends at some point, pero somehow con la gloria de Dios I am managing my time the best I can!).

While on set I was asked about my transition from the law into acting (a transition I'm still very much in the middle of ) and I was told that I "light up" when I talk about how all the signs were there that I loved to act, but I didn't have my "aha" moment until much later.

Then I was recently told by another person how wonderful he thought it was that I was pursuing my passion instead of conforming to a path I did not love. You don't know how refreshing that is to hear! There are too many naysayers out there (check out the blog by WhenIGroUpCoach who really motivates others on the dream chasing business).

At the end of the shoot one of the women that worked on the set said:
"I'm sure you've heard this before, but you have such a great attitude and disposition for commercials. Keep doing it!" 

Ay!!! I almost hugged her! I had to hold myself back. I thanked her and just felt like I really acknowledged the message, el apoyo to keep pursung my bliss. 

Ask and you shall receive. And I keep getting messages from above, beyond and around me to keep moving forward.

Just goes to show, put your intentions in motion, have a little faith, and what you want will come to fruition. The Universe will send you some companions to help you on that journey along the yellow brick road.

What's next? Well, that commercial has aired and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from people I know and love, people I knew from high school and college, people I've never met but know from twitter, and yes... sigh... from colleagues. 

No matter what, I know there's a plan for me. And it will work out just fine. Besides, I've always got my deep thinkers cheering me on. That counts more than you will even know.