Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Toast To Friendship

I remember as a young girl I had all these "friends." After a while you learn that true friendship is only confirmed through time and experience - it's a give and take relationship. It is NOT Give give give. It is NOT take take take.

Little hands. Big toast!

I remember this episode of Felicity (do. not. mock. that was my favorite show ever. That and My So-called life. Teen angst anyone?) where she and her "BFF" were stuck on the subway and a wise old fellow taught them a thing or two about friendship - they weren't really friends after all.

I learned my lessons too and what I've learned gets reinforced as I remember to beware of the red flags people raise.

It's not easy to trust people. And when I was in the middle of watching some red flags, I read this tweet from an inspirational woman @ZenMommie  who drew my attention to the book What Would Audrey Do. I was so intrigued I went to Barnes & Noble to read it. Not only do I ADORE Audrey Hepburn, but from what I've read we have so much in common (yay! And so what if it's possibly tailored to fit everyone so that everyone relates. What's important is that I relate to one of my idols! Ok! LOL).

What I connected to most was her loyalty, her giving nature, how tragically hurt she would become when she had been betrayed, and how she always carried herself as a lady no matter the circumstance. It's not always easy to be a lady under those circumstances. Sometimes ya just wana curse like a sailor...but I digress.

I have friends who are involved in my life, who I can call at a moments notice for help and they would be there.  And they know that I would do the same. Much like she had in her day, I have a handful of people that I truly trust, rely upon, and can call my friends; who support me and my endeavors; who do not "love" with pride or jealousy. I have little hands, mind you, but that's more than enough for me.




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