Monday, August 1, 2011

LushLunes: Making Motivational Me Time

Happy LushLunes ! I am running around preparing for my trip to BlogHer (and preparing to let go of my preparation in order to fully enjoy myself). This is definitely a "Me" time thing.

It's good to have motivational music on any time you can fit it in to your schedule. That being said, I'll be listening to my personal soundtrack on my flight to San Diego for BlogHer2011! (jetsetting! woohoo!)  

Have you made your own personal soundtrack? Feel free to check out a mission from the archives and start a Soundtrack for your life. There's a cool track for you to download in there! 

And finally, while I'm away, here's a little dose of inspiration for you from my's an exercise in self motivation and getting back in touch with yourself!

Have a Lush Lunes my deep thinkers!!


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