Monday, August 8, 2011

LushLunes: Happiness is Success

It's LushLunes my deep thinkers! I am on my way back from my self sponsored trip to the 2011 BlogHer conference and am currently on a plane home! You know I'll have tons to share with you once I get back in front of a computer!

Today, just focus on this quote on success: 

"I think success is something way more basic; 
I think success is being surrounded by friends, family and food."
-Zac Posen

Simple right? Now, feel free to check out a mission from the archives and start listing how successful you are

And while I'm jetsetting, here's an easy way to RECHARGE from my vlog, which fits in with today's success theme: 


Have a FABULOUS Lush Lunes my deep thinkers!!


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