Monday, August 22, 2011

Lush Lunes: Lucky Charms

This week I have been asked twice about my necklace and what it means, and so it is the inspiration for today's mission.

When Sorayu left for a new job that took her away 99% of the time, she gave me a gift. It was a necklace from Satya Jewlery, a token meant to symbolize inner peace, to bring me positive energy and to serve as a reminder that I am protected. It was a constant reminder that she was with me always.   

OM symbol brings inner peace and harmony.
Carnelian gem stone protects against fear & promotes positive thought.
Hamsa is a symbol of protection, meant to harness the positive energy, dispelling the bad.

I wear this necklace when I feel like I need to feel an extra boost of positivity. Which brings me to your assignment: 

Your Lush Lunes mission is to bring a small token with you today. Whether it’s a necklace, charm, a stone you found at the beach, a prayer or a poem, it just has to be any piece of inspiration that you can physically carry with you.  It’s not really about the object. It’s about the subconscious awareness that the meaning of the object will bring us - a pocket full of support. 

If you take on your mission, or have any similar "lucky charms" please feel free to share!!!