Friday, August 12, 2011

Got Milk, Latte Love, and BlogHer11! UPDATE

I love lattes! Which is perfect because I heart MILK! Yes, I'm a big MILK fan and a big espresso fan, so you do the math. 

That's Me, BlogHer10
How do I make my lattes at home? Well, I use my Krups espresso machine, Cafe Bustelo, steamed Whole Milk, a drop of vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon and two spoons of sugar. yummmm. It has to be whole milk, or it's just doesn't taste like cafe con leche.

Since I'm clearly a fan, last year at BlogHer10 I took my Milk Mustache pic, and was really proud of it!

So of course I had to check out the Got Milk people at BlogHer11. And when I got there, they had MY pic UP on their board!!! Wowza! I yelped! (I was very sophisticated, going, Oooh! That's me!)

They also hooked me up with an awesome latte mug, just like they did last year. Gotta love a good latte mug.

Let's compare and contrast from last year, shall we.

I'd love to make you all a cup of cafe con leche, but they are kind of hard to pass through my blog, to your neck of the woods. But while you grab your own cup, feel free to check out my Got Milk Latte Love video to see how I start my mornings, & if you feel so inclined, vote for me! Please?

 CLICK Screen shot to view my ENTRY!!!! 

Feel free to tell your friends and Vote between Wednesday, August 17, 2011 and Wednesday, August 31, 2011!!!  Your support is appreciated, and as always, you rock!! Enjoy your lattes my deep thinkers!