Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Cheap Wine

Last week there was an earthquake in NY. Of course I thought I was fainting, then I thought that a bomb went off and the building was going to collapse, but no it was just an earthquake that was felt from state to state. 

Then we had to prepare for Hurricane Irene. My family and I discussed it, we bought groceries, non-perishables and made go-bags. We didn't really talk about where to go should we need to use the go-bag, so we decided to laugh about this over a glass of cheap wine. Before it kicked it we averted a water leak crisis in the window, and then looked up a nearby "hurricane shelter" just to be safe. 

As I internally waited for the locusts to arrive, my sister, mom and I played with the dog, laughed a lot, and drank our wine very slowly. We don't really drink. We're light weights. But what was important is that we spent time together. The time we never really have together on a Saturday night - the power puff girls unite!
The Sweetest B!tch You'll Ever Meet.

How did we spend Sunday night? The boys came over with Che and we had a nice Sunday dinner. The boys were thrilled because they felt Sunday dinner was a very Jersey-Shore event, and well, as long as that made them think it was cool to eat with the old folk, then I'm happy. 

I'm not a fan of earthquakes, hurricanes, or of the fact that MTV's Jersey Shore was a theme this weekend, but there's no better way to spend time (praying that there will not be a crisis) than by getting off the grid* and bonding as a family.

*That's why there was no LushLunes mission today - I was off the grid!