Thursday, August 11, 2011

BlogHer11: A Force to be Reckoned With

I am back from California, but my body is still on PST!!! And so is my brain. I miss the gorgeous San Diego weather - which just happens to be PERFECT 100% of the time! Sheesh, rub it in, would ya!

My new iPhone takes better pictures. You no longer have to suffer thru my BlackBerry.  

I also miss my daily lounging by the pool. Yes, lounging by the pool (a.k.a. my office) was in my schedule. I went to a few sessions in my beach cover up because I couldn't be late to my "office" where I had several "meetings" (a.k.a. drinks and/or sun bathing) with fellow bloggers, @RoxanaSB, @TheArtMuse, @SuzRocks, @MilwaukeeMamas, and of course,  @NYCPatty.

BlogHer was sooo much fun, and well worth my self sponsored trip to the West Side! As you know I love being by the water, and I felt so in touch with myself as a result. I practiced my yoga and went to the gym (ME time), and still had time for sessions and the expo hall. Who knew?!

Yoga with Matthew Reyes, courtesy of Filtrete Water!
I left San Diego with so many take aways, which will be saved for another post, but overall, I just let myself BE during BlogHer. And because I could just be me, I made connections with my favorite brands, with fellow bloggers and with myself.  

Me on Coronado beach.
Vintage African skirt. Tshirt from Rave.
Sunglasses from Talbots via BlogHer10.
Accessories from Aldo.

As a result, someone referred to me as a "force" and another called me "una linda persona." Those words resounded in my soul and are the things I cherish the most. That's my favorite kind of swag. ;)

Most importantly I learned to trust myself; trust my instincts, trust my skills, and trust my decisions. These are all essential to who I am and how far I have come, as a blogger, a writer, an actress, and most importantly a person.

The BlogHer experience reinforced all of that for me. And I returned back to New York City reassured, relaxed, a little jet lagged, but ready to take on the world