Monday, July 4, 2011

Who walks, when you can fly? | ¿Quién camina, cuando se puede volar?

I have always been amazed by flying. I frequently jet-set mostly for work, but as of late it's been for vacation (YAYYYYY! I'm away right now!!!).

Isn't it amazing how you can be home one minute and several hours later be thousands of miles away from everything familiar? 
Pic from my vacation, in Parque Colon, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

I am thankful for the clouds I fly through safely and the ground on which I land. I feel blessed to experience new places and to relish my second home, Puerto Rico.

I appreciate the beauty of traveling. I am awed by how lucky I am to be able to fly freely anywhere I want to go.

It's a wondrous thing... to fly. I'm glad I don't take these freedoms for granted.

 ¿Quién camina, cuando se puede volar? - Shakira

Pic from my vacation, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

I've decided Mondays that are Holidays are Lush enough, so you don't need a LushLunes assignment on days like that. With that said, I hope today is a Lush one. Have an amazing 4th of July!                  Remember to travel... 
...and travel often!!!