Monday, July 25, 2011

LushLunes: Vision Boards

Last week our LushLunes mission was to write down what you would do if you knew you could not fail. This week is a follow up. 

I heard some great responses, specifically from  @LauraCYW who said she'd write a book, and @LilBlkSunshine who wants to write a cookbook and @lausonrisa who plans her steps to success as she makes her way through school. Kudos to you FABULOUS ladies! I'm so honored that your intentions were written down as a comment on my blog.

I intend to write a book down the line as well (I believe my story as told through my blog will facilitate the process)!  It's on the LIST, along with images, and slogans of what I want in my life! Where do I put all that stuff, you ask? Well, it's on my vision board.

Which leads me to your LushLunes assignment (a bit of a craft session):

Create, update or enhance your vision board. Get a cork board (costs about $10.00 for a good size) or grab some poster board ($2-$5.00), and put up what you wrote down last week. That's the first step to creating your vision board. And whether you're just starting one or updating one, keep adding to it. And put it in a place where YOU will see it.

In this place, fear does not reside. Dreams - really specific dreams, goals, and wants live and flourish here. The more specific you are and the frequency with which you see your goals in front of your face (IN WRITING!), the more likely you are to put the wheels in motion. (I invite you to share the process of making your vision board in your own blog post! Feel free to share the pics with me via twitter! I'd love to see it!)

The Universe will conspire to assist you my deep thinkers. Have faith and a really inspired LushLunes!


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