Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bring On The Water!

This is kind of a random post, but I friggin love the beach! The ocean, the waves...I'm such a beach girl. I am my happiest at the orilla where the sand and ocean meet against my toes.

I feel that when I eventually put roots down, my life has to be near the ocean (however, I will compromise for a large swimming pool where I can swim and do laps and still be within half an hour from the beach).

Crashboat beach, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Maybe I just have a good relationship with water. When I was little I would run in the rain in front of our house in Puerto Rico giggling and splashing about.

I not only love to play in water, I love drinking water, I love long baths, I love jacuzzis, I love to swim... I just love water. I live half an hour from a beach now, but the water is murky. It's not the kind of water I like. I still go, you know, because I gotta be near the water...get my fix.  

Parque Colon beach, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
I like crystal clear see-your-feet-water. I like non-stinky and non-murky water. I also like water where the sea creatures don't attack (which is why a pool is an acceptable alternative).

And I feel at peace when I'm near the ocean. There is a calm feeling that takes over, a sense of relaxation, and - oddly-  a sense of clarity when I reflect in that quietness the ocean brings me.

Water, water, water. So refreshing during these fabulously HOT days!!!