Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Universe spoke at BlogWorld #Latism

I won a one-day scholarship from the Latinos In Social Media [LATISM] to go to BlogWorld! (You can keep on reading or watch the vlog at the end...or both! )

I'd been running myself ragged since my vacation, on coffee and no sleep. I'd had a tiff with Che and felt crappy about that, my friends had been pulling at me since I have not made time to see them, and I was struggling to make my billing at basically this email was the highlight of my week:

“Thanks so much for applying for the BlogWorld LATISM Scholarship and for your continued support of all LATISM initiatives. We are happy to share the benefits of our partnership with all of our members, and can’t wait to see you at the conference!”

Thank you #latism! Wepa!

I took a long "lunch" to troop over to BlogWorld. While on the train I’d had an intense conversation with a drunk man who ended our discussion with these words: "where there is life there is hope," (this poetry foreshadowed what was to come in this movie I call my life).

When I got to the Jacob Javits center I was nothing but smiles and totally relaxed - like I didn't need to get back to work or something. At the Expo Hall I learned a lot about different companies, had lunch, chatted with AsceningButterfly and GayNYCDad while I hovered around checking out what BlogWorld had to offer. I was hunting latism people down but to no avail. Before I left for the day I thought I'd checkout the BEA book expo (my tag allowed me to check out the book expo as well).

Little did I know after this point I'd receive two messages that I didn’t know I needed to hear. The Universe - God - meant for me to hear.

The first was from an author and his wife. I was interested in his book Your Economic Destiny and we started chatting. Then I spoke about my acting goals and told him how my blog details the experience of chasing my bliss.

Then something happened. He started validating my efforts as though he knew he knew my thoughts, my doubts, and the road I was traveling. He said “the path to ones destiny doesn't always look the way one imagines" that "[I ]am on [my] way there.” Then he and his wife started to pray for me, and with me.

The flood gates opened.

I cried as he prayed and the words touched my heart as though the prayers had been written for me all along. And God was there in that tiny moment embracing me and my sadness as the words washed over me. He and his wife confirmed exactly what I was thinking: I was meant to go to that table. He reassured me that all my experiences are preparing me for the person I am to become when I attain my dream. Ain’t that the damn truth.

With tears still streaming down my face I walked out of Javits and checked my tweets. I'd completely missed @Soylamar - one of my favorite people that I've virtually met during the latism twitter parties.  I was a few blocks away but I felt compelled to turn around and go meet her anyway.

And here is where the tears returned. 

I met up with @Soylamar after having missed her at the #latism tweet up, and at Blogher last year. We started chatting and then she hit me with so much love. ‎She told me that I seem to be so in touch with myself. That I relate to people in all walks of life because I don't see the person, I see their soul. Oh my God….what is happening? Of course I started to cry, again.

Needless to say there was a lot hugging and crying after that. A complete stranger, converted into a friend. 
@Soylamar and me.

I was just dumb struck by this experience.  I won a scholarship through a community I admire. I left with a unique experience designed by the Universe through two amazing messengers - who gave me inspiration, validation and assurance. 

I will carry with that with me always.

Here's the video where I broadcasted my deep thoughts live about my experience: