Friday, June 10, 2011

I am a Jet-setter. Nice to meet you.

I have been back from my vacation and never even told you about it!!!! I had a FABULOUS time. I've been so busy since I got back, so this post is way over due. I came back refreshed (with a slight cough) a cute tan and ready to take on the world!

outfit details below

Buttercup and I usually split up our time with my mother so that she can spend a longer amount of time in Puerto Rico. Usually Buttercup and I cross paths at the airport - we would wave as we passed...divided by metal detectors... she would be waiting for her luggage from her plane that just landed, while I would be getting ready to board. Mom would be on the opposite side of security looking on at us.

Well that did NOT happen on this trip! It's been a long time since the three of us sat on a beach together. My mom is not much of a beach person, and Buttercup and I used to be tanning fanatics. But there's no more desire to fry at the beach 3 hours a day or to run off to the clubs.  We just enjoy the experience now, loving the sun but taking care of our skin (the soleteronas in the playa with 100spf sunscreen)! 

We vegged out on the beach, we swam in the crystal calm waters, we laughed, and we got pina coladas. 

I'd make cafe con leche every morning and evening, then we would sit and look at magazines on the balcony (I never get to look at magazines!).  At night we would cook at home or venture out to some new restaurants like D'Grillade, or indulge in some old favorites like Chris Restaurant. We got Rex Ice cream (sorbets) in the plaza the middle of the day...every day.

I had an amazing time!!! I did get a little sick (my friend Ana once said, "I know I got sick because I let myself get some rest" and for the first time I thought, you know...that is exactly what is happening) so I took it easy and just enjoyed myself and got a lot of rest. 

I love my island. I cant wait to go back. So I've already booked my next flight. ;-)

Blue Romper/ Jumpsuit: H&M; Salmon Espadrilles:Vintage; Clutch: LV; Silver Cuff; vintage: Earrings: Exentrix