Friday, June 3, 2011

Find Your Truth

There is this friend called Hope. She sits at the bottom of my heart and does not whisper. She affirms. She says "Yes, your dreams will come true." She plants herself there, sitting in a meditative pose, stubborn as a mule.  Unwavering.
My foot in the ocean, Puerto Plata, D.R.

As much as I whine she does not move. She merely opens one eye and says, "stop that." Seeing my reaction, she opens both eyes and says with an annoyed sigh, " you know you will be successful as an actress," and goes back to meditating.
 I can only pause and stare at this little Hope that so daringly kicks the crap out of Doubt (the neighbor that lives in my brain). Hope warms my heart, even when Doubt tries to freeze my dreams right out of me.

All I can do is bashfully say, Thank you... Hope, for being devoted to my bliss. And  with an heir of authority she closes her eyes, straightens her pose and replies, " there is no need to thank me, but please, stop calling me Hope. My name is Truth."