Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everyone Loves a Lovely Blog Award!

Woo Hoo! I received the One Lovely Blog Award, and part of that requires me to share random things about me! Since I've done a similar post in the past, I will come up with some more random stuff, and bare my soul to you!

Seven Random Things About Li:

  1. I like cheese. I have been known to eat a cheese sandwich and CafĂ© con leche for breakfast - you know, like Olympic champions. 
  2. I love love love yoga! It's totally a part of me! But I'm more flexible in my mind than in real life.
  3. I am super shy when I speak Spanish because I always mess up the feminine and masculine words. 
  4. I hate to paint my finger nails because I don't like when the polish chips. It drives me insane.
  5. I curse like a sailor. My apologies for the stereotype if there are sailors reading this.
  6. I really love swimming. Even more than I love running. But in the end, nothing beats my love for sleep.
  7. Horror movies used to thrill me, now they just hurt my heart and prevent a good nights sleep, so I can't watch them. 
Did you just love that list?! Well you wouldn't have learned these deep thoughts without the Fashion.Makeup.Lifestyle blog. She's the deep thinker who gave me this award! Definitely check her out because she's got great fashion sense and always puts up fabulous photos. I wish I could just take all those outfits and throw them directly into my closet.

Now that I've received this award, I have to pay it forward to fifteen other lovely blogs (check out the links to their individual pages)!  This was no easy task, considering how many blogs I just adore.

And the Winners Are (in no particular order): 

  1. A Day In My New York City Patty is an amazing blogger with a devoted following because she writes her heart into all of her posts.  She is an expert at all things NYC (if I get lost, I know to call her!) and I am proud to call her my friend. 
  2. Mommy Delicious Alicia has such a kind heart, speaks about the deliciousness of motherhood, NYC, relationships, and let's not forget her hard earned degrees! (Kudos to Alicia!)
  3. Cancer In The City   Kim talks about life after Cancer. She blogs about being a survivor and her appreciation for life, which includes a new found love for baking! She was a fellow teacher at the same elementary school a while back and I'm so glad she has embraced the blog-o-sphere.
  4. Saving  For Someday Sara has been such a supporter of my blog - a fellow Esq. and Creative herself, she really inspires me to keep on truckin.' I especially love her blog law series- it's the only law-anything I read outside of work.
  5. Bandida Blog Laura's blog is just a lot of FUN! I love reading up on the projects she undertakes. Her zest for life is contagious!
  6. Sujeiry 1st Lady of Love Sujeiry tells it like it is, and I really admire her honesty. She speaks frankly about love, sex and relationships which is beautifully juxtaposed with her traditional notions of courting.
  7. The Sweet Life of J and E J& E and their fellow writers talk about all the glitz and glam of NYC, what's going on in the entertainment biz, and keeping in shape so they can keep up with the other socialites!
  8. Brown Eyed Belle Everything on Julie's blog is so girly and frilly and beautiful I just can't get enough. The photos are always delicious. There's pure fabulousity to be found here.
  9. Click Latina Monique has a lifestyle, news, food , culture and fashion blog for today's Latina.I just love Monique and I especially love all the entertainment news she puts up about the Latinos in the industry.
  10. Dim Sum Debutante A Tennessee born mom living in New York with Chinese in-laws - need I say more? She's a terrific writer.
  11. Single Mama NYC A single mom, a New Yorker and a little hottie, Issa has a terrific sense of humor. She's just another New York blogger I love.
  12. Beauty in Everything This is a blog I turn to when I need a little inspiration.
  13. My Life Simple and Beautiful Rachel is a poet and her words will resonate within you. She is such a genuine person you will really enjoy reading what she has to say.
  14. The Look For Less This blog has great ideas that direct me where to go to get the styles I like.
  15. The Art Muse What I love the most about this blog are the gorgeous photos that meld fashion and art and accompany Rachel's beautifully written posts.

If you received this award, Congrats! And just remember that these are the RULES:

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 blogs.

Happy blog hopping! Have a Lovely Day my Deep Thinkers!!!