Friday, June 17, 2011

Date Night!

Che and I spend our Fridays together. We have gotten into a routine where he cooks dinner and we watch movies at home. He's such a good cook! It's all about quality time. 

If we mix it up and go out to eat, it's in Howard Beach (Queens). If we go to the movies, it's in Rego Park (Queens). We've tried to limit how often we go out because of the expense. Plus, being together is always a blast, regardless of what we do. But sometimes when  you add a a little spontaneity you discover something really exciting.

Lately we have been going out on our date nights and totally skipping our regular spots. It started with his random request to see Tree of Life on its opening night.

This man hates to venture into Manhattan but he was amped enough to make an exception. We got tickets and had some time to spare. Since we were starving, we stopped into MacondoWe didn't have a lot of time to eat, but Holy crap, that was a good idea.

We only had half an hour, so we opted to eat appetizers. We got baclaitos, red snapper ceviche, and yucca with steak. I had Sangria and Che had a Chaipirinha. We tore through the food before I realized I should have taken a picture of this deliciousness!

Left: Sangria; Right: Chaipirinha

The ambiance was great, the service was incredible (thanks Shannon!) and the food was to die for! It was a little pricey, but that's Manhattan.  We are creatures of habit, but as Che said, "that food was amazing! When we go back next time I can't wait to try everything else on the menu!"

With our bellies fulfilled, and a slight buzz going (we hardly ever drink so one glass was enough) we watched Tree of Life. I'm glad we ate before hand because this was not a popcorn and soda type of movie. Nope. That would be like eating nachos at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Tree of Life was a thought provoking and visually beautiful movie to see - much like a painting or an art installation - and the acting was excellent. I got the point of the film- the questions it asked, the comparisons it made, and maybe it was the Sangria but when the dinosaurs showed up I was initially taken aback. Despite that, it was truly a moving and artistic film.

The Tree Of Life (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Needless to say, Che and I talked about all of the elements of the film, the beautiful direction, connecting the dots between God the Father, an actual Father, the human condition, the meaning of life, yada yada yada. And the only way you can have that type of discussion on a hot Friday night in Manhattan is over ice cream. Lucky for us there was a fancy pants organic ice cream truck outside of the Theater: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream.  MMmmmmm. Chocolate. (Che had ginger ice cream. He loved it.)

It was quite a Friday night and really opened the door for us to step outside of our bubble and try something different. And you know what? I had a friggin blast. Sangria, dinosaurs and ice cream. Talk about mixing it up!

I hope this inspires you to step out of the box of monotony my deep thinkers... and when you do, I hope it friggin' rocks!

This is just stuff I did on my date which was sponsored by our love. LOL And I wanted to share it with you!
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