Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Overnight Jetsetting: Being Prepared #LLBlog

You know how much I love to TRAVEL! Things have gotten so busy that instead of my usual vacation four times a year, I've been slacking due to many factors that basically had me bummed out. However all that has changed because I am on vacation! Woohoo! 

Me and my Pina Colada, in Puerto Rico

Despite my overdue trip, I am away quite often due to work, which means it takes me about half an hour to pack my stuff and go. For Real. Since these trips are overnight I already have my one quart baggy with necessary 3 oz fluids ready, as well as my bag of toiletries for emergency needs, just so I'm not spending money unnecessarily on the way and not wasting time packing and unpacking this stuff since I fly often.

Haven't a clue what you need for a short trip? Make a list! then get ready to cross half of those things off of the list if they don't fulfill your "needs," for that trip in particular. Then make your final list (you know you're going to throw things on there you don't really need, c'mon.)

Plan weather appropriate outfits, activity appropriate outfits, and the accessories for each outfit (one quart baggys are good for that too). Make sure you have versatile outfits so you're not packing too much (shoes that can go with more than one look, jeans/pants that can go with different tops, and of course that little black dress that can go with any occasion - or slacks, button down and sports jacket for guys). You're basically planning so you are prepared: you don't over pack, yet you are still ready to take on any surprises.

Here's an example of what I recently brought for on an over night flight for work and I knew I'd have some down time at the hotel: 

    All of that fit in my overnight bag ...plus I had my laptop bag...that's it!  

    [laptop bag contained: Blackberry, charger, wallet (which contained my ID, itinerary and boarding pass) headphones for flight]. 

    When it comes to a real vacation, the idea of planning is the same, but it gets a little more complicated depending on what you are planning to do and what would best fit YOUR individual and family needs.

    [like night and day outfits, accessories, hiking, water sports, tanning supplies, dancing, restaurants, etc.  and how long the flight is (ie. neck pillow, book/kindle, headphones).]

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    I hope this post was a little informative. 
    At the very least I hope it inspired you to get packing! 
    Happy Travels!!!

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