Monday, May 23, 2011

LushLunes: Mindful Meals

Hello there my  LUSH LUNES lovers! I think you're going to like today's LushLunes mission (crossing my fingers). 


If you've been a deep thinker for a while, you know one of my goals is to be mindful.   And if there's one thing that often lacks mindfulness, it's our meals. We're usually rushing through life, missing every moment, and today would be a good opportunity to slow down.  Which leads me to your LUSH LUNES ASSIGNMENT:

Today, make lunch or dinner a mindful and special activity. Whether you eat out or eat at home, disconnect from the TV, your phone, your iPad, and any distractions. Enjoy every morsel of food. Engage with whomever is around you - and if you're eating alone, engage with your food!  Not only will you eat less, and fill up quicker, you will actually be taking real advantage of your taste buds and living in the moment!

Simple verdad? Enjoy your meal today and have a great LushLunes my deep thinkers!!!

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.