Monday, May 16, 2011

LushLunes - Give Yourself A Break !

I know you're already asking yourself how will I honor ME for LushLunes, right?! If not, you should start your weekly LushLunes habit today! 

Everyone needs a break - a vacation. Whether that's 5 minutes of REAL alone time or a week off in the Caribbean (hint hint...can you guess where I am...), you have to honor the part of you that says, LET ME REST!

So, your LushLunes Assignment for today is to plan a ME-trip. This can be something as small or as big as you can handle but the goal is to RELAX.

Here Are Some Me Trip Ideas:

  • Schedule a full spa day (there are tons of online discounts at LivingSocial );
  • Plan a sleep over at a friends house (movies & popcorn or mixing cocktails);
  • Play hookey from work and spend a day at the beach (without the guilt of abandoning your regular routine of responsibility);
  • Gather your friends and head for a night out; or
  • Set a date for an actual vacation (check out trips on TravelZoo).

Don't let the First-I-Have-To-Do's get in your way. Just Do. Give yourself the break you need. We only live THIS life once. So what are you waiting for? Set a date (commit to it!) and have something to look froward to.

Are you brave enough to accept your LushLunes challenge? If you are, feel free to share what your ME trip will be! (and if you post on it, go ahead and share the link!)

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.