Sunday, May 1, 2011

La Vie en... Rouge!

I wore my red lipstick recently, which made me feel like the sexiest chick in the world. It was a bit of a gossip-filled day at the office when the Latina with the red lips walked through. Oh well. I'm sure they got over it. 

Chanel: Rouge Allure Laque, #75 Dragon, $32.00

When I was a teenager I wore an almost maroon lipstick I got at the dollar store- very gangster-iffic without really realizing it. My mom was always really cool about lipstick and my clothes. Essentially she trusted if I embarrassed myself I would not repeat the offense (oddly I couldn't tweeze my eyebrows pushing a nice Frida Kahlo look, but I could wear my horrid lipstick).

I also grew up in a time where baggy clothes were the thing so I didn't look sexy with my mid rift, Looney Toons boxers peeking out of my 3x too big Boss jeans, frizzy hair and maroon lips, when my body shape was akin to a handball court.

But today is different. I've got curves, I'm all gown up, wearing a zebra top, a pencil skirt, nude flats and my only accessory - dragon red lips courtesy of "Deniz" from the Chanel counter at the Lord & Taylor in Livingston, New Jersey. When I approached her I said "I'm looking for red lipstick, but the right color for my skin tone. Not too dark but not too bright." She said, "I know exactly what you mean." And she did. She said I needed a red that has blue as a base, so that I get a deep red... without going burgundy and avoiding the orange or pink "reds" altogether. 

Boy did she nail it.

She wooed me then told me that due to its popularity, "you won't find this at any counter - you will have to go online." Bummer! She gave me a sample vile to use until I could purchase it online. She didn't even push the liner she used to compliment the lipstick stating that any red liner would work. But of course I bought the liner as well! 

I love the Rouge Allure Laque. I feel so va-va-va-voom. It's not cheap, but the color lasts long. You definitely need lip liner to avoid any bleeding of the color, and have some liquid cover up handy to trace around your lips (use a Q-tip to blend), thus enhancing the appearance of a perfect pout. The only caveat is, any time you kiss someone on the cheek, your print will be left on their face. 

Is it worth the money? Yes. Since you only need very little to color your lips, it's sure to last long enough to get your moneys worth. You will feel very high maintenance, even if inside you're just a t-shirt and jeans kind of woman (like me). Besides, we just need a little fancy sometimes.


I am not working with or for Chanel - although I'd LOVE that! You hear that you lovely people at Chanel?! This is just a bit of beauty advice chez moi. 
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