Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Gorgeous with The Girls

About a month ago, I went to this great event in New York City hosted by Getting Gorgeous with Degree.  I had an amazing time! Of course I left with some swag, but there were only a few brands that really stood out in my mind.

Celebrity hair stylist Sarah Potempa  was super sweet (I won a very nice scented candle after playing a celebrity hair game). Erin Potempa is the company's President and Chief Legal Counsel. Erin has followed her bliss, which of course you know had me totally inspired.

Erin and I chatted for a while - of course I swear the Universe wanted me to meet her! By the end of our conversation, she crossed her fingers for me to make the transition out of ligation to pursue my dreams. It really touched my heart.
Left to Right: Sarah and Erin

The people at Dream Water chatted with me about my sleepless nights and gave me a product that actually helped me sleep! I've since gone out and bought a bunch. They friggin' work. If you'd like to try it, take a chance at winning the giveaway over at NewYorkChica's blog.

At the end of the event I won a BJs gift card for $25 after tweeting about how much I like the chips and salsa! What have I done with that card? Well, I asked Che to pick up some Chips and Salsa of course!
Left to Right: @LaLicenciada and @NYCPatty

I met some very cool people and learned about some great brands, but my favorite part was connecting with my fellow bloggers. After the event we went to Cafeteria for a late lunch, then to City Bakery for cookies and cappuccinos! If you read my post on the ups and downs in blogosphere, this was definitely the kumbaya part. It was the bestest day everrrr!!!!!!

My fellow bloggers
A special thanks to Getting Gorgeous  for connecting us with some fun brands and giving us the opportunity to connect with each other once again!


This post on my fabulous Getting Gorgeous experience enters me for a a chance to win $500. Woo Hoo!!