Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Anonymous...[Blogger Comments]

Hello deep thinkers! As you some of you know Blogger has been having some difficulties lately when it comes commenting.

A picture I took of a lonely horse in Puerto Rico.

This has been especially frustrating for deep thinkers using google friend connect. If Blogger is unable to fix this soon, I'm going to set up a new comment system to avoid all this hassle. Why? Because I love getting your feedback and interacting with you!

There's an option on my comments for your name and URL. If you would like to comment but can't, you can use the anonymous comment option [if no other option works] but sign your comment with your name, and your URL or Twitter or Facebook handles/links.

I don't like to publish anonymous comments because I really hate not knowing who the person is or how to respond to them. (There have been very few exceptions - basically when I get a text advising who the source of the comment was).

Thanks for your patience my deep thinkers!