Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saying A Little Prayer For Me

I was sitting in church, praying, and then crying. I was overcome with emotion, and happiness, realizing that I have come so very far, and that my path has taken me in directions that I had never dreamed. 

I understood for the first time why certain obstacles were put in my way - so that I could over come them. I had clarity on why certain people were no longer in my life - because the season for those relationships needed to end. 

During this time, a prayer came to my heart. I was inspired to share it with you after I read a  beautiful prayer on the blog Micaminar, which moved me (I now keep that prayer with me). 

Maybe my little prayer will touch some part of you. Maybe it won't.  Anyway, here it is. 

I know you have a plan for my me Lord, I feel it deep in my bones. I honor and accept whatever you have in store for me. Every tear shed pales in comparison to every time I double over in laughter.  The joy you bring to my life outshines any pain that lingers in my heart. All of my experiences, the good and the bad, have helped mold the person I am today. 

When I needed a father, you were there. When I had no one to turn to, you gave me your house. I feel your presence in my darkest moments and I know that I am not alone. Thank you for accompanying me on this path. Thank you for making me the way you have. Thank you for using me as an instrument of your peace.

Thank YOU.

Sending you all lots of light and love on this Easter.