Sunday, April 3, 2011

#LushLunes: Soundtrack For Your Life

It's Monday!!! Why are we so happy? Because it's LUSH Lunes!

While I picked up one of my exercise DVDs recently, Jillian Michaels said something that really struck a chord in me:

"Sometimes we're resistant to things or we're intimidated by things, but when you actually try it, and you put yourself out there, and you take a chance and you take a risk, you grow in ways you never imagined."

I felt really empowered by this statement. So I recorded it and added it to the sound track for my life.

My coach taught me this practice. He told me that when I hear something inspirational, I should record it and make an inspirational playlist to listen to while I meditate or before I go on an audition. It's a motivational practice.

Which leads me to your LUSH LUNES ASSIGNMENT:

To make this Monday  a Lush one, start thinking about what you want your playlist to sound like. Then take a few minutes and add one track to your new project "The Soundtrack For Your Life."

It can start with your favorite song, and you can add a little to it  every week or whenever you feel inspired to do so. It can be you just talking into a voice recorder. You can browse on the web, and record* sound bites that "speak" to you. The point is to find and listen to the messages so you can have your own personally tailored tools to motivate yourself.

My soundtrack has words and bits of music that make me happy. It's about an hour long and has sound clips from Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Deepak Chopra, Jillian Michaels, Will Smith, the chorus from "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, a clip from Eat Pray Love , and I wrap it up with  "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine.

If you're at a loss on how to begin, you can start with these words of inspiration that I recorded for someone I love and made into an MP3**... Enjoy! 

If you accept your mission, or find your own unique way to make it a LushLunes, please share your deep thoughts

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.


*The clips you assemble are for YOUR personal use only, so its not something for you to sell,market, disseminate, or in violate intellectual property rights in any way.  

**This voice recording by LaLicenciada has been made available for download as part of the "Soundtrack For Your Life" is the property of It is subject to copyright and made available for download for personal use only.