Friday, April 1, 2011

Healthy Competition?

Sometimes, when colleagues speak to each other, it can be very spy vs spy. The subtext is always, "I can only tell you so much, and then I will pretend I answered your question, then you will only tell me so much, and we will proceed this way until we no longer have to speak." In my experience lawyers can be like that a lot of the time. 

When I first met Sorayu I saw her sitting at her desk beyond stressed. So I went up to her and gave her all of the information she needed to help her at work - because she was surrounded by an office full of people who really could not care less. Sink or swim was their attitude, but that just ain't me (and that's why since then we've enjoyed a great friendship).

Well, that type of spy vs. spy attitude is not just confined to an office. Bloggers can be like that as well - sink or swim baby. Good thing I always have a life raft.

I'm always weary of new people, because it's true... I have trust issues. I'm always worried they might push me over the side of the boat.

So naïve little me thinks that just because I don't have a problem helping others that I couldn't possibly be surrounding myself with spies. Everyone I'm cool with must be singing kumbaya. Wrong.

When I open the door to have a candid conversation (we can pretend this boat is a ship with cabins now), and I am greeted by a masked crusader, I have to admit, it's really disappointing.

There's one skill I have fine tuned as an attorney: it's to spot bullsh_t. That's why I like to listen when I meet people. I let them talk, I read between the lines, I gather facts, I weigh them out, and see where that person fits on the bullsh_t-ometer.

Some bloggers are very protective of their roles in the blog world, some people ake jabs at my day job, some individuals second guess my choice to have an acting career... whatever. I don't really have time for it. But I certainly do learn from it.

I don't always call those people out. Nope. There's no point in that. I just take that information to safeguard myself. I don't stand too close to them on that big ol' boat.

I have to say, this world of blogging has been a very supportive place...but like any field, there are competitors and some act really shady.  It's disappointing.

I'm not perfect, but I am supportive. I am happy for those that achieve success! And that's in any field - which include the fields I work very hard in: acting, blogging, and the law.  I know what's mine is going to be mine, and what's theirs will be theirs. And if I can help in anyway, I'm happy to do it, without worrying about getting ahead of any race. Why? Because I'm not competing with anyone else. Plain and simple.

Although I am upset by those that have let me down, I'm not jaded by the blog-o-sphere. I love it. It's my play ground. And much like the scales of justice, it can tilt one way and then the other, but there is a good balance here. For every person that plays spy vs spy, there is someone holding hands with me singing kumbaya(...on the boat LOL). I'm grateful for those.